Wednesday, May 24, 2006


[non-knitting post]

I've been dating my boyfriend for three and a half years now. Dave and the vast majority of his friends are gamers and frequently play Dungeons and Dragons together. For three and a half years I have heard tales of their characters' hilarious and death-defying campaigns but somehow never actually played a game myself.

Oops. Broke my streak.

And ok, it was awesome.

I had only the vaguest conception of the mechanics of the game (something about, the DM makes up a story and we roll all these bajillions of dice to find out whether we die, the monster dies, or we have to keep going). The very patient group walked me through every step of designing my character (Human fighter with a scythe! sweet!) and chuckled politely when I made dumb jokes that are apparently quite old ("If you cross a human and a halfling, does it make a quarterling?" and the like). And I smashed the shit out of this (baby) dragon and killed it with one blow. Whoop!

In knitting news, I finished one of the Koigu socks and am almost done with the cuff on #2. I'll post a pic once I remember to do so when it's daylight. I had to get a new passport (grr) and got a ton of knitting done waiting at the passport office (yay).

Plane leaves in 10 days.


At 5/25/2006 7:04 AM , Blogger chamomile said...

Hi there! Nice blog so far. Glad to see a fellow knitting historian on board! I'm also a history grad student..
Lovely FOs, by the way!

At 5/25/2006 12:59 PM , Blogger Marietta said...

there is nothing wrong with the occasional role playing game - used to play heavily in college - comments such as: but what do you mean you at the banker? you were supposed to be getting a loan, not a meal! - where quite common at the denny's on a sunday morning - love seeing what you have been knitting - marietta


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