Monday, May 07, 2007

Sock in a Day!

Hello everybody. Today is my blogiversary--the first anniversary of those first two awkward posts. It's been quite a ride! I had every intention of marking the day with a bunch of fabulous shots of my finished Venezia, which is funny considering that IT IS FINALS and I have no time to finish and photograph Venezia as well as she deserves. Anyway. Look for that later this week.

So, in lieu of that, let's talk about the Sock in a Day Challenge!

Sock in a Day Challenge--Rules and Signups

I want to knit a sock in a day. The Yarn Harlot did it, several days in a row, so why can't I? I want you to join me in this insanity!

Here are the Rules:

-Email me with your signup info (below) if you want in.

-Join our Flickr group if you're a Flickr type person. (so, no blog required!)

-The Challenge will last from Friday, May 11 to Sunday, May 20. Look, there are two weekends in there!

-Pick one of those days. You can take up to eighteen hours.

-If you don't think you can handle it all in one day, you may work on your sock for a total of eighteen hours during the Challenge week.

-Those who will insist on knitting two-at-a-time can have two days, but do please sleep at some point.

-You can do any kind of sock you want, yes even worsted-weight ankle socks. But what's the challenge in that? US 1s for me, baby! (I would kind of prefer no baby socks or the keychain-sized ones. Sorry, but it's my party.)

-When you're done with your sock post it on the Flickr site and I'll enter your name in a random drawing for a fabulous prize--two adorable little socks on a string, just like the ones I gave AuntieAnn recently. Except I'll give you the pick of all my leftover sock yarns, how's that sound? (I know, I'm cheap. But I promise you they're really cute.)

Interested? If so, email me at everwhelmingliz at gmail. Tell me:
-Your name/alias
-Your blog address, if you have one
-What you're knitting, if you know yet
-What day you're knitting on, if you know yet, or what other arrangements you'd like to make.
I'd love any additional input you guys have.

It's on my calendar! Is it on yours?

Update! As of 9am we have eight participants (including me). I'm so happy to have some company! Also, Clumberknits has made us a pretty picture. Does anybody know how to make a button? You can probably see from my sidebar that I have no idea how to use them >_<

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At 5/07/2007 8:00 PM , Blogger AuntieAnn said...

Oh, if I can have 18 hours over the Challenge Week, I'm in! My hands are famously fragile and couldn't take 18 hours in one day. And I LOVE my mini-socks, but don't put me in the drawing, that would seem piggy. I'll just challenge myself for the fun of it.

At 5/07/2007 8:43 PM , Blogger Amy said...

Happy Blogiversary Liz!! Here's to another year with more knitting challenges ahead!

At 5/07/2007 9:08 PM , Blogger sherriknits said...

Happy Blogiversary! I think I've "known" you almost that long, haven't I? I am really eager to see Venezia.
I can't do the sock challenge if we want to have a wedding around here, but I'll have fun watching. I feel sad you won't let me knit a key chain sized one, though....haha

At 5/07/2007 9:11 PM , Blogger sherriknits said...

ps...I found you May 11 so it has been a year!

At 5/07/2007 11:14 PM , Anonymous Erin said...

I am not sure if I can commit to knit a sock in a day. But I will cheer you on.

Can't wait for the Venezia reveal...h

At 5/08/2007 5:44 AM , Blogger clumberknits said...

I just signed up, and posted about it on my blog. And because I don't like to do too many photo-less blog entries,I made a litte graphic for the challenge. Feel free to use it. I don't really know how to make or format a button, so I'm not sure if it can be used for that, but maybe someone else knows how.

At 5/08/2007 7:33 AM , Blogger Da Gu Ma said...

I'm that the rules give you 18 hours within the 10 period.
I have loved every single post! (I'm not biased at all, my darling daughter!)

At 5/08/2007 8:22 AM , Anonymous Melissa said...

Happy 1 Year! The sock a day challenge sounds like a hand-crampingly good time! Actually, I think I will try it, since the 18 hours can be spread out (I think my hands would hurt too much otherwise). We don't get poked with #1 DPNS if we don't finish, right? Just checking. This will be a good opportunity for me to knit the mate to my first-ever sock (assuming I finish that). My personal challenge will be learning to do it on 2 circulars instead of DPNs. My "day" will be May 18, since that's the day we fly to Rome, but I may start it a little earlier.

At 5/08/2007 9:07 AM , Blogger noricum said...

It sure sounds like fun, but I *know* I won't be able to dedicate a day, and I hate being told what to knit. ;) (It's a sure way to make myself want to knit something else.)

At 5/08/2007 10:14 AM , Anonymous Melissa said...

One question: What's the deadline for posting the sock photo for the contest? I probably won't have internet access until I'm back from my trip (June 1), so I may have to participate, but not do the contest (which is fine).

At 5/08/2007 10:19 AM , Anonymous Maia said...

Yikes! I think I am in too. I know I can knit a sock in a day.

I may knit the TOFUtsies I just got. I'm not sure yet.
I'll have to think about which day to pick.

This should be fun.

At 5/08/2007 12:40 PM , Anonymous The Dip Lady Knits said...

First, Happy Blogiversary! Second-WOW - a sock a day! If I could just sit at my desk at work and knit on my sock I would be in heaven! Don't think it's gonna happen! Oh, and your shawl is looking great!

At 5/08/2007 9:13 PM , Anonymous kelp! said...

I'm totally out on the sock-a-day thing (they seem to take me forever), but happy blogiversary!

At 5/09/2007 5:41 AM , Blogger cheryl said...

Hi there - happy blogiversary!
If you take the graphic from clumberknits, put it on your computer and upload it to wherever you keep the photos for your blog, you can go into your blogger template and paste the html link code for that "botton". If you look through the coding you can tell which part deals with the stuff on the sidebar - its usually way down past the main templates and the specs for your entries.

I just looked at the graphic and it's pretty large for a button. I'll make it smaller and email it to you. Hope this helps!

At 5/09/2007 9:20 AM , Anonymous LizzieK8 said...

I'm in! Sent you an e-mail and joined the Flikr group!

At 5/09/2007 10:01 PM , Blogger Alliesw said...

Okay, I'm in, I'm in! Because, like you, I don't have enough to do and like to avoid pressure! Ha ha. I am on the homestretch on the second of my latest pair and need a challenge. And what a great idea to celebrate your blogiversary!

At 5/09/2007 10:32 PM , Blogger Cindiluhu said...

I'm in too, I need the motivation.

At 5/10/2007 1:13 PM , Blogger g-girl said...

Happy Belated Blogiversary. Hope finals went well. :) I will have to watch from the sidelines regarding this knit a sock in a day challenge. :) I'll be rootin' everyone on!!

At 5/11/2007 12:30 PM , Blogger Cece said...

Oh! This looks like fun. I send you all my info in an email.

Happy Blogiversary!

At 5/12/2007 5:57 PM , Anonymous Cat said...

Happy blogversary!!! This sounds like a blast, definitely count me in.


At 5/15/2007 3:12 PM , Blogger Carola said...

Hi, happy blogiversary! So funny that I found your post with this fantastic idea. I am uffering from second sock syndrome at the moment and what would be more clever than starting just another one? ;-) It will be quite a challenge trying to knit an entire sock in one day but since I have to stay home anyway and are supposed to do not much at all (sick leave), this just sounds like the task for me. I am planning to knit on Thurday, May 17. May I join?

At 5/16/2007 11:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends thought this was a nutty idea until they realized I (the Dad) did not have to participate. This challenge kept them both pretty busy on Mothers Day. They would have made it if I had done the laundry and the dishes for them. They were both a-kniting away all day, and I could swear I heard purring coming from the den!

At 5/17/2007 2:08 PM , Blogger wendy said...

Signing up late, but I want in on the fun!

I am going to cheat a bit and knit a Kid's sock, but hey, I'm a full time working mom of 2, cut me a break :) [she does have big feet for a preschooler!]



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