Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ahhh, blessed internet

Today is the first day I have been online since Wednesday. For someone who in the states never went longer than 5 hours without internet, that was a little weird. But Thursday I went to a piazza to watch Italy kick the crap out of the Czech Rep. in world cup soccer and yesterday I tried to go grocery shopping but wound up not buying anything, and then I went to some bizarre modern art thing.

I went to this art thing with a friend from school, Sara, and this little old man who had apparently memorized a guidebook started showing us around the place- the Palazzo Vecchio, seat of government in Florence since the middle ages. He was really nice and knew a lot, but the whole thing was kind of funny. Afterwards Sara and I went to dinner and I got chicken Cacciatora, otherwise known as chicken surprise because there were so many -surprise!- little bones in it. Then we met up with some friends of hers and went to a place called Hemingway's, which was a chocolate bar. Sara and I split a chocolate strawberry crepe that was incredible.

I've been thinking lately of how I'm going to arrange my new apartment and have come up with a great idea. Since I have only the tiniest of dining tables and a rather large dining room I'm going to make the dining room the study and separate it from the living room with a cool screen or, if I can afford it, one of those nifty open-back bookshelves from Ikea. This will cut down on the "I am tired I will flop on the bed" moments that were so common when my desk was in the bedroom.

I have recieved good news about my financial situation and am going to do a bit of shopping today to celebrate. Yay!


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