Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Il martedì

That just means tuesday. Nothing super exciting. I've been brainstorming for souvenir ideas again, so again you should tell me what you want. Also, if you leave a comment and aren't in blogger be sure to put your name in there so I know who wrote me. I'm guessing yesterday's comment was from Ileana but it could be anybody.

We're buying our Roma tickets tomorrow and have heard about a cheap, nice hostel to stay at. We're going Friday and coming back Sunday afternoon. The girls I'm going to Rome with have agreed to take extreme measures to secure the pope for Ileana. I'm bringing an extra big suitcase. Anybody know how much this benedict guy weighs?

At lunch I went to this pizzeria that one of my classmates recommended because you can actually sit there. It wasn't too expensive but I only had a 10 euro bill and the guy didn't have change (he needed to give me 5.50 back) so he told me he'd bring it to me. That meant I had to sit on the ground floor which was totally crowded with pigeons, instead of downstairs which presumably had no pigeons. It was DISGUSTING. The bad pizza and the pigeons combined for one of the more unpleasant eating experiences I've had here. Not going back. ever.

I went to a bookstore after lunch and picked up my first Italian book--L'Italia del Risorgimento 1831-1861. Risorgimento is the italian term for the revolutions of 1848. It doesn't look TOO hard and bless them, it has big type. (Glares in direction of German printers)

Today the school had an excursion to a wine factory which I skipped because who wants to spend 40 euro to watch other people taste wine? Still haven't gotten around to acquiring that taste. Since everybody was off doing that I was the only one in Lingua Practica, which was really nice because I got to have one-on-one conversation with the teacher for almost an hour. We talked mostly about 1848 and doctoral programs in the states. At about 10 till 3 one of the german guys came in but the teacher had to leave at 3, so it was all pretty brief.

I skipped going out with the Slovenes last night because I was SO tired, but tonight is their last night so I'm definitely going. I need to start remembering to buy a coke before I go to school, though, because the vending machine only sells those little half size cans of coke. I've heard that there's an American market in the area that sells Chips ahoy, Dr Pepper and all the other fabulous American foodstuffs. I'll defintely stop there at some point.

I spose this post is sufficiently long, so I'll close. Ciao!


At 6/13/2006 7:48 AM , Anonymous Mom said...

Ha! I fooled you and I can't believe it. Yesterday's comment was from me. Love you!

At 6/14/2006 9:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liz Machol is the truest friend going to great lengths to get me my Pope. Yay for me and yay for liz


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