Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy birthday, brother

Y'all my little brother turned 16 yesterday. We had a fabulous weekend. Boyfriend and I went down to parents' hometown to celebrate. On Saturday we went to lunch at this great seafood restaurant and had fabulous fresh seafood. They brought Tom a plate of like eight different desserts and we were like, um, do we have to pay for all of these? Turned out we didn't so we got to feast some more.

Tom and Dad play this gig together every Friday and Saturday night, so Mom, Dave and I went to check it out. They're really good! I mean, I knew they were because I have Dad's CD and I've heard them play in the garage and stuff, but it was kind of different with them in a restaurant and drunks cheering them on. Hehe.

I know everybody says you can't knit for teenage boys, but it just isn't true. You just have to know what to knit them and have a particularly cool teenage boy on hand. I made my brother a knitted something with yarn from Italy. I'm really, really proud of how they turned out- so much so that I want to submit the pattern, and until I get soundly rejected from several venues I cannot tell you what they are or show you pictures. And he actually likes them! Best brother a knitter could have.

A few tips on knitting for teenage boys of the goth persuasion: 1) make sure it's black 2) no intarsia reindeers.

Mom gave him a really long ethernet cord so he can play xbox live in his room, which has no plug, and dad gave him a bass amp and a case for his bass that looks like a coffin (hee hee!). Dave gave him a movie (treasure planet, great movie, netflix it today!). Mom also let him get his ear pierced. All in all a very cool birthday weekend.

Oh and we made a cake.


At 8/21/2006 12:27 PM , Anonymous Mom said...

It was a very cool weekend! Thanks for writing such a great blog to help us remember it. Can't wait to see your mystery pattern published so I can make one/some (so your loyal readers won't know if it's a single item or more).
Your brother had a great 16th Birthday! I'm glad you and "the boyfriend" came to celebrate with us.


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