Friday, May 18, 2007

Zoom zoom

Quick note to let you guys know that I'm heading out of town and will probably be away from the computer until Sunday afternoon. But keep knitting your socks, and anybody who wants to sign up and gets an email to me before midnight can still join. Don't forget to email me when you've finished your sock!

Have a nice weekend!


At 5/18/2007 10:30 PM , Blogger sherriknits said...

It was fun to hear new things about you! Have a fun weekend!

At 5/19/2007 12:56 PM , Blogger g-girl said...

have a great weekend!

At 5/20/2007 5:42 PM , Blogger Alliesw said...

Well, I didn't finish my sock, but I sure did try! Thanks so much for the challenge, it was fun, and I plan to try again!

At 5/21/2007 2:37 PM , Blogger Da Gu Ma said...

I didn't finish my sock, but I'm within an inch of the toes. I also forgot to keep track of the time I spent so don't know if I would have made it in 18 hours if I'd finished. But the main thing is, this is the fastest I've ever knit a sock! I altered a pattern a little and didn't write it down, so I have to finish the sock and make the second one before I forget (or I guess I could take some notes). This was a very fun challenge, Liz.


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