Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stephanie freakin' Pearl-McPhee

Arr, matey, today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, but I be too much of a scurvy cur to talk like a pirate fer a whole blog post. Arrr. Oh well.


What an awesome, awesome time. I rode up and back with Susan/Plum Texan and Meredith/Mer Knits! You know you've found cool people when they can make a drive on North 45 at rush hour seem like a grand old time. If you aren't from Houston, think of a highway in a metropolis with bad traffic and really ugly scenery. Yeah. Anyway.

We got there a good hour and a half before the talk was supposed to start and headed to the hosting LYS, Twisted Yarns. Mmm, so much good stuff. I bought a set of cable needles because I'm supposed to teach somebody how to cable soon, but managed to get out of there (that time) without buying anything else. I saw Cat Bordhi's new sock book, but managed to be virtuous and put it back even though I'd promised myself that I would buy it as soon as I saw it. $30, dude! I'm a grad student!

The high school where they had the talk was "next door," but this school was ginormous and we had to walk all the way to the far side, jumping ditches and anthills on the way. While we waited to get started they had door prizes and I won one of the last ones: a baby knits book with some really, really cute stuff (note to self: find babies to clothe) and two skeins of bright orange yarn. Orange isn't my color, so I may give it away. Still, the prizes were amazing and I was glad I won one.

Stephanie's talk was soooo good. What a smart, funny lady she is. She talked for an hour and a half, but she was so interesting that my butt never got tired. My fingers did, though, and I had to stop knitting toward the end.

Afterward, we went back to Twisted Yarns for the signing. I tried to take a picture of the line, but I mostly got this bookshelf.

Meredith and I were in line for ages, but we finally got up to get our books signed, and I got to hold The Sock! It was soft. Stephanie said it was the mojo of hundreds of knitters, but it may also have been a high-quality merino.

She complimented my Venezia *blush* and then said "I'm going to see Eunny this week, I'll tell her I saw one!" If she remembers, this means that the freakin' Yarn Harlot and the freakin' editor of Interweave Knits and designer of my Venezia sweater will be talking about ME! I feel so special.

So, that excitement over with we had to loiter around the store for another half hour or so, as Susan had gotten in line way behind us. Not too bad, but I was unable to resist Cat Bordhi's sock book after a second perusal, and it came home with me. I'll just eat ramen this week, it'll be fine. If I get really hungry I'll distract myself by looking at the AWESOME SOCKS.


At 9/19/2007 4:46 PM , Blogger AuntieAnn said...

What a great time! Wish I had been there! You got a great pic of you, Mer and the Harlot. And Venzia, of course. So awesome!

At 9/19/2007 6:51 PM , Blogger g-girl said...

that's so awesome that the harlot complimented you on your venezia! sounds like a great time was had by all. :)

At 9/19/2007 7:38 PM , Blogger David said...

I'm still buzzing from the evening myself - though that may also be the twelve diet Dr. Peppers I drank today.

And yay, Venzia! It really is lovely.

At 9/19/2007 9:54 PM , Blogger sherriknits said...

Oh, Liz....and I know the girl that the Yarn Harlot and and the designer of Venzia will be talking about so that must make me something special, too. :) Well, at least I know you here.

You will not regret the book purchase. I can't get myself out of it.

I do hope I get to see your pic on her blog, but will be happy just to see you with her on yours.

So so exciting!!!!

At 9/19/2007 11:56 PM , Blogger SusieH said...

Lucky lucky you!! What a great picture of you and your Venezia holding The Sock itself...I feel special just looking at it :)

At 9/20/2007 8:40 AM , Anonymous Christine said...

It cracks me up that the drive that I consider so "normal" is really crazy to everyone else. Your perceptions of long drives will most likely change in future though... :D

It was great to see you, and your Venezia is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to hear more about the sock book! I've avoided looking at it as I know I won't be able to resist it once I do.

At 9/20/2007 2:44 PM , Anonymous Melissa said...

How fun. I saw her here in Portland last year, and it was a hoot.

At 9/21/2007 6:17 AM , Blogger Carol said...

It sounds like a fun time...I will have to check that book out....everyone is talking about it.

At 9/21/2007 8:02 AM , Blogger Da Gu Ma said...

Arg! I can't believe I missed International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me maties. Now I'll be havin' to wait another long year.

Sounds and looks like a great time. I can't wait to see your new book - might have to buy one myself! Arg! Love, Mom

At 9/23/2007 4:35 PM , Blogger Plum Texan said...

It *was* a fabulous time! Y'all were so much fun to have along. Good company always makes a road trip better. :)

I wish I'd been able to pick up some direct knitting mojo by actually touching the sock. Maybe holding her needles was enough...

At 9/26/2007 1:25 PM , Blogger knitty_kat said...

That sweater is lovely! Sounds like you had an awesome time!!

At 9/27/2007 8:21 AM , Blogger Soo said...

Sounds like a great time. And frankly, I think the Harlot and Eunny are lucky to have your gorgeous Venezia to talk about!!! :)


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