Friday, September 22, 2006

Fiendish sockknitting

I foolishly bought yarn for the kilt hose in Folk Socks to make for the boyfriend, in hopes that he would get a kilt to go with the socks (mmm sexy). Yall. Knitpicks Bare superwash sock yarn is sooooo soft. If I weren't so worried about tangling it I would snuggle up with it at night. So I thought, "perfect! it is easier to get boys to wear soft things than itchy things!"

BUT, not if the boy a) isn't going to be buying a kilt anytime soon and b) doesn't want socks. He told me this very nicely and then politely reminded me to please finish repairs to the scarf I made him LAST YEAR (all the ends popped out after about five minutes) so that he can enjoy the handknits I've already made him.


Well, I am undeterred. I am going to knit essentially the same socks, but for me, which is awesome because I already know what size my feet are. The cool thing is that I'm going to take these cream-colored socks in progress to the Renaissance Festival when we go, and I'll be dressed as a knitter! What a clever disguise!

The really clever part comes in when I go up to the overpriced clothing vendors and point out to them that they don't sell stockings but I happen to have some lovely handknit ones right here on the needles and would their customers be interested in paying (what would otherwise be considered exhorbitant amounts) for such lovely socks? Just gonna test the waters to see if they are even willing to sell stuff on consignment. If somebody wants to buy that pair off of me I won't complain, but I probably would have to work all summer to get a large enough stock to sell next year. It's a devious plan, I admit, but I think ren faire is one of the few places you'll find people willing to pay what is actually fair for handknits.

The sweater is going marvellously, as are the koigu socks. I can't show you pictures because the truth is that I only have two working AA batteries in my apartment and every time I want to use the camera I have to take them out of the remote. I'm worried that the camera will kill all my battery power, because it's the DVD remote and you actually can't watch much without a remote.

Mary Charles has asked me to do a class on the mittens I knit for her. I turned her down at first but the mittens have gotten such a great response that I'm kind of reconsidering. I don't know what to do... I have so little time, but it seems like it would be so much fun and possibly financially rewarding. And easier than selling socks at the Ren Faire.

It's sad that the next time I post, the very last of the Italy posts will disappear from the sidebar. Sniffle.


At 9/22/2006 5:45 PM , Blogger AuntieAnn said...

Kilt hose -- yummy.

As for my socks -- I'm so Bo-o-ored of this pattern right now (whi-ine).

You can slap me now if you want.

I am kinda tempted to intersperse another first sock, since they all have the same Xmas deadline, but I know I shouldn't.

That's so cool you were asked to teach a class!

At 9/24/2006 7:10 PM , Blogger AuntieAnn said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad I'm not completely alone in my thinking.

That's a good idea about the sock. One of the Xmas hats or scarves could be nicely interspersed with the sock knitting. Or even another sock, if it doesn't take the same needle size (which I'm afraid it probably would).

Someday maybe you'll send me your e-mail address -- mine is -- and then I can correspond with you without leaving comments on your blog. But either way is fine.

At 9/26/2006 10:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sweater looks really cool...even half finished.
Blog on..



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