Sunday, April 01, 2007

Frolicking and Flashing

Check out my mom's blog! She promises to post pictures eventually. D├ęcousue.

It's been a fun weekend, but soon I will have to go back to studying and learn what Max Weber has to say about vocations.

On Friday I decided, at the last minute, to head home and say hello to the fambly. My grandparents, aunt, cousin, cousin's wife and kid all came down to cheer my cousin on in a sprint triathalon. He came in 3rd among all the first-time competitors. Yay! And I got tasty food.

On Saturday I headed up to my dear friend Vera's family ranch, about an hour northwest of here. This is absolutely the best time of year to drive through Texas. All the wildflowers are blooming, and OMG it was gorgeous. On the road to her house I saw some alpacas! One of their neighbors, who apparently has "more money than he knows what to do with," had a pair of alpacas. They were frolicking about, probably working on producing some babies, but nothing x-rated was happening as I drove by. This guy apparently has plenty of interesting animals, including gazelles or something of that sort.

We had a great time catching up, and I finally gave her the little bear I made back in October. I pretended it was for Christmas, which was only slightly less embarrassing.

I came home today and discovered that April 1st is the day you flash your stash.

Thanks, flash, for totally washing out all that undyed knitpicks stuff.

Zoom in on all the partially used skeins. Sock yarn is on the right.

And all the ones I haven't used yet. Wool and animal fibers on the right (including that expanse of white), acrylics on the left. Somehow my one unused ball of dishcloth cotton has escaped, so it isn't in the picture.

There's a good chance I'll use about half the yarn in this picture *eventually*. There are some really pretty novelty yarns in there I want to use as trim on some things I'm working on, but most of it will, sadly, probably continue to languish. A lot of the other stuff I may eventually donate to charity or sell on Ebay or something.

I was feeling bad about the amount of yarn I have that I may never use, and about the fact that it wouldn't fit in my little plastic drawers anymore, until I decided to see how much I could get in one of my empty dresser drawers and it all fit.

So I guess that's happy ending, right?



At 4/01/2007 1:17 PM , Blogger cpurl17 said...

That drawer looks nice and tidy and I admire your use as you go knitting style!

At 4/01/2007 3:59 PM , Blogger knitty_kat said...

ya I wish I could do that too. Knit as you go. I seem to buy more than I knit on a regular basis.

(nice stash)

At 4/01/2007 4:49 PM , Blogger AuntieAnn said...

If only I had an empty dresser drawer -- then again I will probably be throwing out a lot of stuff soon, as we are remodeling this summer and will have to move and store the stuff I don't throw out. I see a dying project in there waiting to happen

At 4/01/2007 8:56 PM , Blogger weezalana said...

I love how it all fits so nicely in the drawer!

At 4/03/2007 7:52 AM , Blogger carol said...

I too have lots of stash. Just cleaned some out and gave it to my cousins daughter. We are thinking of starting our own little knitting club here in our park.

At 4/05/2007 4:11 PM , Blogger g-girl said...

i love that your mom has a blog too! :)i, too, love how it all fits in that drawer!


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