Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I had probably the best weekend in the history of weekends. I know it's Wednesday now, but there were lots of people I had to call before I could post about it.

Dave and I are engaged! Yes, it was a surprise, and no, we haven't set a date yet (but we're thinking about 2 years from now).

On Thursday I found out that my usual Saturday fencing class was cancelled, so I could go up to visit Dave a day early. When I told him, he said he wanted to take me out for a nice dinner "for my birthday." "My birthday isn't for another two weeks," I said. "Yeah, well, I really want a good steak."

So I headed down Friday afternoon, managed to get myself caught in the mother of all Memorial Day Weekend Rush Hours, and after two long hours arrived at his house. It was sprinkling, but he said he wanted to go for a walk anyway. So we parked about halfway across the Texas A&M campus from the restaurant and then walked from there. As we walked by the bell tower, he asked me if I'd like to go in.

And there under the arches he asked me to marry him. I said yes. Of course. Hurray!

The ring is beautiful but I guess you'll have to click for a big version since my camera takes terrible closeups. It's prettier than anything I could have imagined, and I love the sapphire side stones. I keep missing green lights because I'll gaze at it while stopped at intersections. Ooops.

So yeah, in all, a very good weekend.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Turning a Corner

It's been a loooooooong time since I posted about the Cherry Leaf Shawl. This is how it looks right now:

The bindoff I did was the suspended bindoff, the only bindoff mentioned in Victorian Lace Today, which they promise "makes it very difficult to bind off too tightly." Well, I call BS on that. I even went up a needle size or three (really I can't remember if I used the 6 or the 8, so literally a size or three).

Then I started attaching the edging backwards. At first I thought I could deal with both of these things, but eventually I decided that the bindoff had to go, and as long as I was ripping stuff out I might as well also rip the border and do it right.

The top of the center triangle is now a bunch of live stitches held on an Options cable. When I finish the edging I plan to put the stitches at the start and end of the edging on the same cable and use a crochet bindoff I've been playing with that, hopefully, will make an edge that actually stretches and looks pretty. The top edge is supposed to be done in crochet anyway, so I think it will go nicely. Hope so, anyway.

Yesterday I worked the bottom corner of the edging, and man was that a PIA. Got it right on my third try, but notice the lifelines in red--one to secure all my hard work before the turn, and one to make sure that if something happens on this side of the triangle nothing will happen to those three aggravating repeats.

I have also been making

A Ravenclaw scarf in anticipation of the latest movie and the newest book, both due out in July (oh the suspense!)

Oh, and I finished my socks. These don't fit as well as the other socks I've made myself. The cuff and heel are too loose, and then somehow the toe is a little too tight. They aren't uncomfortable, but it bugs me. Still, the yarn (Bearfoot) is awesome and makes up for any flaws in the knitting.

I'm down to two projects on the needles, which is the lowest I've gone in months. I think once the shawl is done I'll start thinking about the Origami Cardi again. Oh, and I'm supposed to be making some socks for my brother.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who won a tiny pair of socks?

Ann of Clumberknits won a tiny pair of socks!

(I assigned everybody who finished their socks a number, then used the random number generator from to select the winner)

Here's a picture of the pair I made for Auntie Ann last month:

See that quarter for scale? Yup, they're tiny!

Possible uses for two socks on a string:
-Christmas tree ornament
-Hang over doorknob to let muggles know you're knitting
-Hang on rearview mirror as the knitter's answer to fuzzy dice
-Nunchuck to fend off muggles who bug you while you're knitting--a good bonk with a little sock should run them off!
-And much, much more!

Ann/Clumberknits, you get to choose which of my leftover sock yarns you'd like for your two socks on a string.

Options: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Purple Mountain; Koigu in a raspberry semi-solid; Koigu in variegated blues; Yarn Pirate in Punkin Head; Cherry Tree Hill in Bark; Cherry Tree Hill in Burgundy; Knitpicks Essential in Dusk.

Email me your choice or leave it in the comments, and I'll get started! Congratulations again to everybody who finished a sock!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Seventeen socks in a day

I did not finish mine, because I got lazy. I'll show you the other cool stuff I worked on instead later. It's been fun.

So far I have seventeen people down as being done with their socks. If you are on this list and shouldn't be, or should be and aren't, please email me soon so I can get the drawing underway and send the prize off.

Heather/Jr Mints

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Zoom zoom

Quick note to let you guys know that I'm heading out of town and will probably be away from the computer until Sunday afternoon. But keep knitting your socks, and anybody who wants to sign up and gets an email to me before midnight can still join. Don't forget to email me when you've finished your sock!

Have a nice weekend!

I got meme'd

AuntieAnn has tagged me with the "8 random facts," so here I go. I think I avoided doing this one (despite being repeatedly tagged) back when it was only 5 things, so I guess my punishment is having to figure out even more stuff to say.


1. Each player starts with 8 random facts about themselves.

2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their 8 random things and post the rules.

3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and post their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Ok, here goes:

1) Two of my bottom teeth are still baby teeth. The adult ones never showed up. I am supposed to be taking good care of them, but somehow they manage to get cavities anyway. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they were supposed to have fallen out like 15 years ago. Also, I have no bottom wisdom teeth, and the top ones are too small to matter.

2) It's been a while since I mentioned this, but I'm a fencer. That's kind of weird, isn't it? I haven't competed in a tournament in almost two years, but before I stopped I managed to get a pretty decent national rating. And my senior year in college, I made it to the top tier at collegiate nationals.

3) I have wanted to teach history since 10th grade--thanks Mr. Hardaway! Before that I wanted to be an architect for several years, and actually spent a lot of time drawing up floor plans. Then I took geometry and hated it, and decided not to be an architect.

4) When I was trying to choose between two rival colleges (Texas A&M and the University of Texas) my senior year, I told everybody I was going to base it on the outcome of the big football game. In reality, I based it on the due dates for their honors program applications. This is probably lucky, because A&M lost that year and the five years after that. But we beat 'em in 06! Whoop!

5) I have never broken a bone in my body, but I once broke my best friend's arm. (It was an accident I sweeeeeeaaaaaaaaaar!)

6) When I was a baby I understood Spanish (too young to speak it though) and in elementary school I knew a decent amount of Japanese (we lived there), but I can't speak either of these languages to save my life anymore. I do know French, German and Italian, though.

7) In high school I was really into Anne Rice's vampires, and I even named my car the Mustang Lestie after Lestat. It was a volvo, not a mustang. My best friend followed suit and called her car the Tom Cruiser, cause, you know, Lestat was played by Tom Cruise... This was before Tom Cruise got all creepy and crazy, of course.

8) Since then I have driven a VW Beetle named the Stealthbug (all black) and a Civic named Arthur Robinson, after the guy in the Counting Crows song "St. Robinson in his Cadillac Dream." I always forget to call the new car Arthur, but I think naming cars is important.

I can't bring myself to pick on specific people, but if you're in the Sock in a Day Challenge consider yourself tagged!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I hate to admit it, but it appears that the less schoolwork I'm supposed to be doing, the less time I spend on the internet. I am having a helluva time getting caught up on my interneting.

Deepest apologies to everyone who emailed me in the last couple of days to get added to the Sock in a Day Challenge. I have added you now. Here are some IMPORTANT THINGS FOR SOCK-IN-A-DAY PARTICIPANTS

-I am going to close signups at midnight on Friday,* so for those of you wondering: no, it is not too late to join, but it will be soon.

-The challenge ends at midnight on May 20.*

-Some of you have already finished your socks. Congratulations! As I have said, I am way behind on my interneting, so as a way of making sure everybody gets proper credit I am asking you to email me when you finish your sock. (everwhelmingliz at gmail, if you'll recall). If you finish it within the time frame, of course. I know I've already acknowledged several completed socks, but really, if you want to get your name in the drawing I need you to email me.

-To the three of you who posted to our Flickr group, thanks! Anybody else with progress or finished socks, we'd love to have pictures posted there!

*All times are central, because I am. And the earth revolves around the central time zone--that's why they named it that, isn't it?

Now for some stuff that isn't related to socks

I want to thank you guys so, so much for the compliments on Venezia. Really, I have enjoyed every single thing you said about it, and getting that feedback is almost as fun as having the finished sweater to stare at all day.

And my deepest apologies to those who experienced a loss of breath or irregular heartbeat. I hope you sustained no lasting damage ;-)

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Sock in a Mother's Day wrapup: pride cometh before a cramp

I had to admit defeat last night. I tried, really I did. I even took the sock with me when we went on a walk *in the dark* and knit most of the heel flap then. The neighbors made fun.

Mom's new stockinette sock is now as far as she got before frogging, maybe farther. But yeah, neither of us made it. Sigh.

I kinda feel like a failure, but the truth is I decided about halfway down the cuff that I would not stay up all night knitting, and I would not permanently injure myself. My hands were really starting to hurt by the time I finished the cuff. The whole point of this challenge was to see if I *could* do it, not to make myself do it at the expense of having a good time (not to mention at the expense of my joints). Still, there are others out there who have already completed a sock, so don't get discouraged. And take some ibuprofen.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sock in a Mother's Day, 6:00 pm

I am about to start the heel flap. Left hand is starting to cramp up. I may not finish today.

Mom's sock has been reborn as a plain ol' stockinette sock. She's pretty certain she won't finish today.

As you can see, I am taking full advantage of the presence of an interesting yard to take these pictures. Do you guys miss the white pillow on the orange couch that I usually use? :-D


Sock in a Mother's Day, 2:30 pm

We're working away, but progress is slow. I'm about halfway done with my sock cuff, and mom has maybe 2" that are about to get frogged. Poor thing has been frogging and tinking the infernal sock all day, and the latest version is too small to fit over her foot. She's regrouping now and we're considering plain stockinette.

Last night we did a little boob assembly for her friend's tit bits, and I finished one completely before realizing I had forgotten to put the weight in it that prevents it from working its way out of your bra. I'll probably deal with that tomorrow.

Back to knitting!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Holy Freaking Cow--Venezia is done at last!

We interrupt this sock challenge to bring you the moment you've all been waiting for.

Ta da!

Closer, but with the colors a little more yellow.

Detail shot: See my seams? Not bad, huh?

Especially considering they used to look like this:

Way back when it was blocking...

The details:
Pattern: Venezia Pullover by Eunny Jang, IK Fall Winter 2006.
Yarn: Jamieson's 2-ply Spindrift in all the lovely recommended colors, all ten of them
Needles: US 2s in various lengths for the fair isle part, US1s for the hems and neckband.
Started December 24, 2006 and finished May 11, 2007
See all the entries that mention the Venezia Pullover.
Mods: I made the bottom a little longer than the pattern called for, though apparently still not long enough for my low-rise jeans. I do also plan to wear it with skirts that come up considerably higher.

Maybe I should have tightened the belt a bit?

This sweater has been so freaking awesome to knit. But, as I've said, the next one will be easier. I'm looking at the Origami Cardi in the latest IK. The yarn will arrive tomorrow, I think, along with some other goodies from Knitpicks. Exciting!

How's your speed knitting coming?


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Get your needles ready! (plus participant list)

In hindsight, it would appear that if one does not have enough time to sew up and photograph a sweater, one probably also does not have enough time to administer a knitting challenge. Lesson learned.

But while I was stressing about finals, you guys were getting excited about speed knitting! So far we have fifteen participants. I don't think I'm missing anybody but if I am please let me know in the comments or by email.

Note the button in the sidebar -----> made by the lovely and talented Yarn Bee. Grab the image from there or from our flickr page. If you've already got your stuff picked out, we'd love to see pictures over there!

Many of you have opted to do the sock in 18 hours rather than in one day, which is totally fine (and probably better for your hands). Everybody with a completed sock (within the time frame) will be entered in the drawing, which will take place on Monday, May 21.

Here's the participant list, vaguely in order of when I got their email. I will keep on updating this if anybody else wants to join. Updated 5/16: we're up to 27 participants!

Da Gu Ma (that's my mom!)
Sea Anemone
Heather/Celtic Coyote
Laura Bell, who'll be posting to flickr
Lizzie K8
Laura/amazingwoman, also to flickr
Daniella, more flickr
Raeknits! and spins!

A few people are going to start this weekend. Keep us updated!

I've decided to do mine on Sunday. As my mother's day gift to my mom (cheap bastard that I am) I'm going to go home this weekend, mooch off their food and washing machine, and then Mom and I are going to take over the family room and knit together alllllll day. Brother and Dad, as their mothers' day gifts to my mom, are going to feed us and cater to our every whim. Ok, maybe not the last part, but we definitely won't give Dad the remote!


Monday, May 07, 2007

Sock in a Day!

Hello everybody. Today is my blogiversary--the first anniversary of those first two awkward posts. It's been quite a ride! I had every intention of marking the day with a bunch of fabulous shots of my finished Venezia, which is funny considering that IT IS FINALS and I have no time to finish and photograph Venezia as well as she deserves. Anyway. Look for that later this week.

So, in lieu of that, let's talk about the Sock in a Day Challenge!

Sock in a Day Challenge--Rules and Signups

I want to knit a sock in a day. The Yarn Harlot did it, several days in a row, so why can't I? I want you to join me in this insanity!

Here are the Rules:

-Email me with your signup info (below) if you want in.

-Join our Flickr group if you're a Flickr type person. (so, no blog required!)

-The Challenge will last from Friday, May 11 to Sunday, May 20. Look, there are two weekends in there!

-Pick one of those days. You can take up to eighteen hours.

-If you don't think you can handle it all in one day, you may work on your sock for a total of eighteen hours during the Challenge week.

-Those who will insist on knitting two-at-a-time can have two days, but do please sleep at some point.

-You can do any kind of sock you want, yes even worsted-weight ankle socks. But what's the challenge in that? US 1s for me, baby! (I would kind of prefer no baby socks or the keychain-sized ones. Sorry, but it's my party.)

-When you're done with your sock post it on the Flickr site and I'll enter your name in a random drawing for a fabulous prize--two adorable little socks on a string, just like the ones I gave AuntieAnn recently. Except I'll give you the pick of all my leftover sock yarns, how's that sound? (I know, I'm cheap. But I promise you they're really cute.)

Interested? If so, email me at everwhelmingliz at gmail. Tell me:
-Your name/alias
-Your blog address, if you have one
-What you're knitting, if you know yet
-What day you're knitting on, if you know yet, or what other arrangements you'd like to make.
I'd love any additional input you guys have.

It's on my calendar! Is it on yours?

Update! As of 9am we have eight participants (including me). I'm so happy to have some company! Also, Clumberknits has made us a pretty picture. Does anybody know how to make a button? You can probably see from my sidebar that I have no idea how to use them >_<

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Friday, May 04, 2007

This is just a tribute

I want to say happy birthday to the greatest boyfriend in the whole world.

You listened to my constant waffling over whether I should do this hat in allover cables or mostly stockinette.

You comforted me as I panicked and despaired over the total bitch that is the edging for my shawl, which tried to detach itself last night. I am sorry if I scared you while I was hyperventilating.

(knitters--it turns out I am attaching it backwards, and there's a visible seam. I am tempted to like it, but I kinda can't decide. Any thoughts?)

You cheered me on as I blocked "that brown thing," and then you learned the difference between "feral"

...and "fair isle."

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